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Vital Pulp Therapy for Restorative Dentistry: Pulp Exposures, Sensitivity, and More
Presenter: Dr. Lauren Kuhn
Sponsor: Septodont
Mon  10/25/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Mon  10/25/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
“I never had pain until you did that filling… now I probably need a root canal.” We’ve all heard this from our patients. Whether it’s right or wrong, these statements impact dentists’ confidence and reputations. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were materials to help us when a pulp exposure occurs? Or when we suspect the patient will have post-op sensitivity after placement of a deep direct restoration? This CE webinar discusses how to maintain pulp vitality in cases of deep caries and restorations. We will emphasize management of pulp exposures (direct pulp caps), deep restorations (indirect pulp caps), and how to select pulp capping materials. We will compare bioceramics against other pulp capping materials. Examples of pulp capping materials will be given, so that you can implement these techniques in your practice.

All the Imaging Tools for Your Diagnostic Needs
Presenter: Dr. Martin Jablow
Sponsor: Air Techniques
Tue  10/26/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Tue  10/26/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
In this CE webinar you will learn: • Why you should consider PSP, Sensors, Panoramic and CBCT for your office • What role each type of device plays in proper diagnosis • How a suite of imaging products may be more efficient workflow

Protect Your Hands – Protect Your Livelihood
Presenter: Mary Govoni, CDA, RDA, RDH, MBA
Sponsor: Ansell
Wed  10/27/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Wed  10/27/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
Musculoskeletal injuries are relatively common in dentistry, particularly back, neck and hand injuries. This CE webinar will focus on fundamental concepts of ergonomics and injury prevention. In particular, the webinar will emphasize the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand injuries, and the role that gloves play in their occurrence among members of the dental team.

Beautiful Temporaries that Prepare the Patient for Beautiful, Well Fitting Final Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Marian Fanica
Sponsor: Centrix
Thu  10/28/21    1:00 PM ET    10:00 AM PT
Thu  10/28/21    5:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
Temporary restoration have to do so much more than just fill an open space. Prevent the slightest tooth migration or eruption. Guide tissue healing. Confirm shape, size and color. Leave the patient smiling while looking forward to even more beautiful final restorations. This CE webinar will review how we accomplish all of these in a timely, efficient and esthetic manner.

The Latest Techniques for Full and Partial Coverage Restorations: From Prep to Temp to Final Cementation
Presenter: Dr. Amelia Orta
Sponsor: Kuraray Noritake
Thu  10/28/21    7:00 PM ET    4:00 PM PT
Thu  10/28/21    11:00 PM UTC
CE Credits: 1 Interactive CEU
There have been important advancements in the selection, treatment, and delivery of modern ceramics (lithium disilicate, zirconia, multi-layered zirconia etc…). This CE webinar will present complete clinical cases that will illustrate the latest clinical techniques and adhesive technologies for bonding full and partial coverage all ceramic restorations. Each step of the latest clinical procedures will be discussed and illustrated with references to key research.

Featured On-Demand CE Webinars

Indirect Ceramic Restoration Adhesion Technique
Presenter: Dr. Todd Snyder
Sponsor: Bisco
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
View Full Description »
Are you confident in how to adhere ceramic restorations to tooth structure? Want to know what steps and materials to utilize to adhere ceramic veneers, inlays, onlays, and crowns? This CE webinar will cover the various steps and materials to implement so that you can be more confident in adhering ceramic restorations of any kind in your dental office. Simplifying adhesion to enamel, dentin and various types of ceramics so you can be confident when you are starting your next case.

Increase Productivity and Aesthetic Outcomes from Everyday Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Mark Kleive
Sponsor: GC America
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
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This CE webinar will review the latest product developments in the CAD/CAM ceramic and resin-ceramic categories and how they can impact productivity and esthetic outcomes in the general practice. Attendees will learn about the physical properties of new ceramic and nano-ceramic materials, cementation protocols, and the various indications for use with patients. Additionally, there will be a focus on chair side characterization to customize restorations directly in the mouth.

Bonding to Zirconia
Presenter: Dr. Nathaniel Lawson
Sponsor: Bisco
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study)
View Full Description »
You don't always need to bond to zirconia, but when you do, it's good to know how. The steps for bonding to zirconia are different than those for glass ceramics. We will review these steps, the evidence for performing these steps, and the little details of performing these steps. By the end of the CE webinar, the participant should have a straightforward protocol for bonding zirconia dental restorations.

Featured Podcast Episodes
Series: Bisco CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Dr. Rolando Nunez
Dental podcast hosted by Dr. Phil Klein: This Viva Podcast will discuss the causes of post-op sensitivity during the bonding procedures. Our guest is Dr. Rolando Nuñez, currently the Manager of Clinical Affairs for BISCO, Inc. with a dental degree from Central University of Venezuela and a MSc. degree in a Biomaterials from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Series: Premier Dental CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Lancette Van Guilder, RDH, BS
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. Dental providers are now in a unique position to raise awareness about the oral-systemic link and gain recognition as an elite healthcare provider. But, in order to do that, we need to think outside of the box, use critical thinking and be open to new and innovative dental materials, services and healthcare delivery models. According to our guest today, Lancette VanGuilder, there has never been a better time to expand our reach as a dental healthcare provider and become a dental trailblazer! Lancette is a practicing dental hygienist for 26 years. She owns her own mobile dental hygiene company and she is a CE speaker here and abroad. She has been featured on many podcasts for her innovative approaches for improving access to care and elevating the provider and patient experience.

Series: GC America CE Credits: 0
Guest: Dr. Lee Ann Brady
Dental podcast: Welcome to DentalTalk. I'm Dr. Phil Klein. Today we'll be talking about some of the reasons for restoration failure. We will also talk about alternatives to traditional restorative materials that exhibit bioactivity and biomimicry.

Our guest today, Dr. Lee Ann Brady, is the Director of Education for the Pankey Institute. She also maintains a private restorative practice, Desert Sun Smiles Dental Care, in Glendale Arizona. Dr. Brady is the founder and lead curator of Restorative Nation, a supportive learning community for dentists and is on the editorial board of several publications.

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